2015 Board of Trustees



Standing left to right-front row - Monika Jaensson, Troy Stallard, Dr. Jamal Khan, Charles Loeb, Jr , Michelle Easton and Debra Sullivan

 Standing left to right-back row - Robert Orders, Todd Mount, Melvin Jones, Phillip Tissue and Sean Mayberry

 not pictured -Dayton Carpenter and Susan Shumate




Chairman - Melvin Jones

Vice Chairman - Charles Loeb, Jr 



                         Foundation Staff 


Michelle Foster - President and CEO    mfoster   @ tgkvf.org
Kristin Mounts - Chief Financial Officer   kmounts   @ tgkvf.org
Sheri Ryder - Senior Program Officer   sryder   @ tgkvf.org
Christine Spaulding - Senior Accountant   cspaulding   @ tgkvf.org
Susan Hoover - Scholarship Program Officer   shoover   @ tgkvf.org
Faye Johnson - Financial Assistant   fjohnson   @ tgkvf.org
Stephanie Hyre - Program Officer   shyre   @ tgkvf.org
Megan Simpson - Program Officer   msimpson   @ tgkvf.org
Todd Dorcas - Program Officer   tdorcas   @ tgkvf.org
 Jane Powell -  Marketing Director   jpowell   @ tgkvf.org
Sarah Furrow - Administrative Assistant   sfurrow   @ tgkvf.org


















The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation - 1600 Huntington Square, 900 Lee St. E., Charleston, WV 25301 - [P] 304-346-3620 - [F] 304-346-3640 - tgkvf@tgkvf.org

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