Frequently Asked Questions



1.       Where is the grant application located?

The link to the application can not be found on TGKVF’s website. A program officer at TGKVF will send you a link to the correct application if the project fits within TGKVF’s grantmaking focus.


2.      How much should I request for a grant?

There is a wide range of grant dollar amounts awarded. Organizations should request the amount that is actually needed to successfully complete the proposed project. It is a good idea to research the previous grants awarded from TGKVF so that you know the typical grant amounts that have been funded.


3.      Is there a limit to how much I can request?

Applicants may request up to 25% of the agency’s annual operating budget (or agencies’ combined operating budgets). Please remember that an organization cannot ask for 100% of its project. Applicant organizations must have some type of match, whether in-kind or cash, to help fund projects.


4.      How do I know if I qualify for a grant from The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation? First, review the Guide for Applicants to see if your project fits into TGKVF’s criteria. If you feel like your project is a good match then you should email or call a Program Officer to discuss your project. 


5.      Can I apply for more than one grant per year?

Yes, your organization may be involved in more than one project per year, but we recommend that you only be the lead applicant once anually.  


6.      Are quotes or bids ever needed?

Three quotes or bids are needed for any single item that is over $1,000 in your budget. For example, if you’re building a green house, you would need to submit three bids with your application.



7.      What if my organization is not a tax-exempt, non-profit?

You may still be part of the collaborative project, but the Lead Organization applicant must be a 501c3 or government entity.  


8.      What is the deadline for grants?

Funding decisions are made quarterly and you may view the quarterly timeline by clicking Timeline.  Make sure that you contact a Program Officer at least two to three months before an application’s first draft due date. Applications must be submitted by 4pm the day they are due.  





Application/Technical Questions FAQ


1.       What happens if I forgot my password?

Click on the “Forgot my Password” link on the application login page. The Foundation does not have access to your password or user name.


2.      My application timed out. What do I do?

The system will timeout after a few minutes of inactivity and your work will be lost if you have not saved your application. Please save your application often! We recommend that you prepare your answers in a Microsoft Word document and cut and paste your answers into the appropriate text boxes in the online application.


3.      Should I include reference letters or brochures about my project when I apply for a grant?

 No, please only attach the documents that are requested in your grant application.  


4.      I’m having trouble viewing the online application; what should I do?

You may need to lower your Internet privacy settings to allow cookies.  To change your settings: 

  • Go to Tools on your Internet Browser (Please note that other browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, etc. may not work with this system)
  • Select and click on Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • Review settings and make necessary changes


5.      Who needs to fill out the Collaborative Partner form?

The partners who are requesting TGKVF funds are required to fill out the Collaborative Partner form. Partners requesting funding must also submit their financial information as outlined in the Collaborative Partner form. 


6.      I’m having trouble attaching my scanned items; what should I do?

Your items might be too big. We recommend that you scan your items at a low resolution such as 200 dpi.  


7.      What format should I use to scan my items?

Items can be scanned as PDF, Word or Excel; all other formats are not visible to staff or reviewers.


8.      How should I submit my draft application for review?

Please copy your application and paste it into a Word Document and send it to your Program Office to Review. Do not hit the submit tab on your application until after the draft has been reviewed and you have made your final changes to the application; until then, continue to click "save and finish later."




Program Officer Contact Information

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

1600 Huntington Square

Charleston, WV 25301

Phone: 304-346-3620



Education Projects

Stephanie Hyre, Program Officer



Health Projects

Megan Simpson, Program Officer




Civic Engagement & Community Building, Arts/Culture, or Basic Needs Projects

Sheri Ryder, Senior Program Officer



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