Instructions for Applying for a Grant


Thank you for your interest in The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. Here is a list of information to help you with the process of becoming a TGKVF Grantee.


General Information


 Proactive CollaborativeGrants


  • For the Collaborative Applications, make sure to see which Objectives and Indicators of Success fit your project, not just the Goal. The Objectives and Indicators of Success are listed on each Goal page. The Objectives are numbered and the Indicators of Success are lettered.
  • You will be asked to submit a white paper to the Program Officer. This is a short paper that describes the who, what, when, where and how of the project. Please include a draft budget and which forms of wealth and which Objectives and Indicators of success you will be addressing.
  • A Program Officer will invite you to apply if your proposed project fits within TGKVF’s grantmaking focus.
  • Your Program Officer will review your first grant application draft and provide feedback before you submit your final version.
  • Collaborative Applicants will be asked to meet with their goal area’s Task Group. Plan on spending around 30 minutes discussing your project. This is not a formal presentation.
  • The Task Group makes funding recommendations to the Distribution Committee who then makes funding recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Online Application


  • Internet Explorer is the only web browser that is compatible with our system.  We recommend that you use the most updated version of your web browser when completing the online grant application.  
  • Attachments should be scanned on low resolutions and must be in PDF, Word, or Excel Format. If you’re having trouble please contact the office. 
  • We recommend that you answer the questions in Word and then copy and paste into the application. 
  • Save your application often! The system has a tendency to time out. 
  • All attachments are required. If one of the required items doesn’t apply to you please scan a sheet of paper with the title of the document and an N/A next to it. 
  • Applications must be submitted by 4pm the day they are due. 
  • Once you submit an application you will not be able to make any changes.



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Program Officer Contact Information

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

1600 Huntington Square

Charleston, WV 25301

Phone: 304-346-3620



Education Projects

Stephanie Hyre, Program Officer


Health Projects

Megan Simpson, Program Officer


Civic Engagement & Community Building, Arts/Culture, or Basic Needs Projects

Sheri Ryder, Senior Program Officer




The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation - 1600 Huntington Square, 900 Lee St. E., Charleston, WV 25301 - [P] 304-346-3620 - [F] 304-346-3640 -

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