Submitting a Scholarship Application


The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation welcomes you to our online, internet-based scholarship application process for Scholarships. Please read the Online Application Instructions carefully before you start the application process. All applications and attachments are submitted online only! We do not accept email, fax or hardcopies of the application or any attachments.

Attachments that need to be scanned should be scanned in a .pdf format using a low resolution. Word and Excel documents may also be used for attachments. All other formats besides .pdf, Word, and Excel cannot be viewed and will be considered an incomplete application submission. If you are having difficulty submitting an attachment, please contact our office.

It is recommended that you use the most updated version of your web browser when completing the online application.


The following three documents need to be uploaded with your application:

 1. Financial Form (Click to download) You must use our Form for the Financial Form

 2. Income Tax Information (first page only)

 3. Most Recent Grades (you do not have to have the Official copy)



To begin The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation Scholarship application click on one of the following: 


    New Scholarship Application - *Click Here


    Renewal Scholarship Application - *Click Here


    If you have created an account for a"Saved and Finish Later" application - *Click Here


    PLEASE NOTE: Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any   changes to it. The application has not been submitted until you hit the submit button. If you hit the cancel button, your information will be lost.


    It is YOUR responsibility to assure that your application has been submitted correctly. The Foundation is not responsible for applications that are not submitted correctly.


    Scholarship Contact Information:     The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

                                                         900 Lee St. East, 16th Floor

                                                         Charleston, WV  25301

                                                         (304) 346-3620


    Susan Hoover                                      

    Scholarship Program Officer                                       



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