Become a Donor


You can make a contribution of any size simply by writing a check to The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. If your gift is for the general charitable needs of the community, it will be placed in one of the general Funds established at each of the trustee banks to receive memorial gifts, honorary gifts, and undesignated gifts, both large and small. If you have special charitable purposes in mind, you can direct your gift to any of our Funds that meet that purpose. If you would like to assist in the work of the Foundation and help defray administrative expenses, you can direct your gift to the Thomas N. Chambers Administrative Fund or the Charles W. Loeb Valley Promotion Fund, both of which were created to address those needs.  


With a gift of $10,000 or more, you can create a fund with its own name and charitable purposes.  The six types of funds we administer are listed below.  Please contact the Foundation office for more specific information.


Unrestricted: The Board of Trustees has the discretion of annually selecting the fund’s most appropriate beneficiaries in the areas of arts and culture, education, health, human services, land use, recreation, and other charitable areas of interest.


Field-of-Interest: Specy the charitable need for the fund to address, but not the particular organization to receive distributions (e.g. for the care of the elderly or for medical research).  These funds partially restrict the use of income, yet still allow flexibility to meet changing charitable needs.


Donor-Advised: Periodically make recommendations for distributing the fund, subject to the approval of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.


Donor-Designated: Name the specific charitable organization or institutions to receive distributions.  You can name one or several organizations and grants will be made to your favorite charities in the amounts or percentages you specify.


Scholarship:  Establish the criteria our Board of Trustees uses in selecting qualified students to receive scholarships; or specify a school, college, or university as the beneficiary of the fund’s distributions.


Administrative: Specify that distributions from the fund be used to help defray the operating expenses of the Foundation and in this way assist in the Foundation’s charitable efforts.



Why You Should Give



A gift to the Foundation will simplify your charitable giving. One contribution may address several needs and benefit many charitable organizations in the community, therefore relieving you of the burden of identifying those agencies which address your specific purposes. 

Tax Benefits

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation is a public foundation under federal tax law and your contribution qualifies for maximum deductibility for income, gift, and estate tax purposes.  


Each Fund’s assets are managed by investment professionals according to broad guidelines set by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. 


All receipts and expenditures are independently audited and fully disclosed to the public. There is no family control or special interest control. 


The Foundation administers your gift to the community and it becomes part of a perpetual trust; its income continues through the years to satisfy your philanthropic purposes.  Your gift can never lapse unless you designate otherwise.  


The Foundation has the ability to address the changing charitable needs of the community as they arise.  If the original purpose of your gift becomes impractical or obsolete, the Board of Trustees is empowered to redirect it to related purposes without the expense or delay of court action. 


A small professional staff operates the Foundation.  Administrative expenses are covered by a modest charge against the income of each fund and by donations made to help meet such expenses.  Traditionally, the trustee banks and investment managers have generously reduced their fees for managing Foundation assets.



Build a Fund


Contributions may be made over a period of time until the $10,000 level required for a separate, named Fund is reached.  These “incubating funds” are available for any of the foregoing fund types.


Make a Bequest In Your Will


You can designate The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation to receive a certain dollar amount as the beneficiary of your estate or as the residuary or contingent beneficiary. Such bequests are free of estate and inheritance taxes. Your attorney may want to consult us regarding the proper wording of your will in order to carry out your charitable purposes.


Deferred Gifts


A deferred gift means that you, or someone you choose, can receive a lifetime of income from your irrevocable future gift to the Foundation.  This deferral offers a triple advantage: you receive a tax deduction now for a gift you make later; you remove assets from your estate now, avoiding estate taxes on the gifted assets; and you may be able to increase your current spendable income.  You can use the following types of deferred gifts to create a Fund: life insurance gifts, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable lead trusts.


Contribute to an Existing Fund


You may make a contribution of any size simply by writing a check to The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation.  If you donate to the general charitable needs of the community, we’ll place your gift in a general fund established at each of the trustee banks.  If you have special charitable aims, you may direct your gift to any of our funds that meet your purposes.


When You May Give


You can make a charitable gift at any time.  Often the issue arises during estate planning, tax planning, or when a pressing need develops in the community.  The staff at The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation can answer any questions you or your professional advisor may have about your charitable options and building a giving plan.



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