The Appalachia Funders Network


The Appalachia Funders Network is a group of public and private grant-makers committed to fostering the economic transition of Appalachia, grounded in existing assets and characterized by opportunity, diversity, and sustainability. Their work is focused in Central Appalachia, the region defined as the Appalachian counties of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The current convergence of economic innovation, federal policy initiatives, expanded regional capacity, and regional and national funder interest offers unprecedented opportunities to:


  • Deepen the impact and expand the scale of existing development efforts  
  • Support new innovative approaches to building wealth within the region 
  • Leverage existing resources to further support Appalachia's economic transition

Members of the Network have come together, in this time of economic, social, political, and environmental transition in Appalachia, for these purposes:


  • Strengthening relationships among grant-makers 
  • Expanding our knowledge and understanding of promising initiatives  
  • Fostering coordination and collaboration between funding organizations  
  • Investing in high-impact opportunities 

The ultimate goal of the Network’s work is to ensure that Central Appalachia sustains its environment and culture, while bringing empowerment and increased prosperity to the people and communities of the region.


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Please view this webinar for information about Angel Funds.


The Appalachia Funders Network Steering Committee: 


  • Becky Ceperley, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation 
  • Ray Daffner, Appalachian Regional Commission 
  • Wayne Fawbush, Ford Foundation 
  • Terry Holley, East Tennessee Foundation  
  • Stefan Jirka, Blue Moon Fund  
  • Mary Hunt-Lieving, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation 
  • Sandra Mikush, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation


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